Various locations – one concept

The multicube logistics real estate concept from pfenning logistics is growing throughout Germany. The innovative, multiple-award-winning multi-user concept has plenty of space for individual forms of use and sustainability requirements. Make sure to get your tailor-made logistics solutions within our state-of-the-art multicubes.

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Four decades of experience have built the foundation for the development of ground-breaking logistics real estate by the  pfenning logistics group – ranking as number 55 of all contract logistics providers within Germany. The multicubes from pfenning logistics are outstanding multi-user logistics centres throughout Europe that can be divided into different hall modules. What is special about these logistic centres: planning, organization and operation of the multicubes are undertaken exclusively by pfenning logistics. Retail, automotive, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and FMCG – the multicubes offer individual contract logistics solutions
for every industry.

Watch this videos for a detailed
insight in our multicubes.

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The multicube rhein-neckar in Heddesheim

  • Site: 200,000 sqm
  • Total area: 128,000 sqm
  • Warehouse space: 107,000 sqm
  • HGV loading gates: 110
  • Optimum location: A5, A6 , A67, Mannheim inland port, FFM airport
  • Awarded the DGNB’s top rating of 1.21 in Platinum
  • Awarded the first Logix Award in 2013
  • Solar power plant – Europe’s biggest crystalline rooftop solar system

The multicube rheinhessen in Monsheim

  • Site: 101,000 sqm
  • Total area: 63,000 sqm
  • Warehouse space: 55,000 sqm
  • HGV loading gates: 30
  • Optimal location: A5, A6, A61, Mannheim inland port, airport FFM
  • Awarded DGNB Platinum, in 9th place in the Europe-wide ranking
  • Solar power plant on 6 hectares of roof

The multicube alsace in the trinational border region

  • Site: 215,000 sqm
  • Total area: 125,000 sqm
  • Warehouse space: 110,000 sqm
  • HGV loading gates: 100
  • Optimal location: A35 (FR), A5 (DE), Kehl inland port, SXB and FKB airport
  • New business park Axioparc Pays Rhénan
  • Supply of the DACH-Region, France and the Benelux countries
  • Turnover point for freight traffic with the Iberian Peninsula

The multicube osthessen in Mecklar

  • Site: 220,000 sqm
  • Warehouse space: 77,000 sqm + 29,000 sqm, distributed over 11 hall modules
  • HGV loading gates: 80 – 18
  • Optimal location: A4, A5, A7, FFM and LEJ airport, Bad Hersfeld freight depot
  • Transport hub in the logistics region East Hesse
  • Central supply of German metropolitan areas
  • Germany´s latest Cut-Off times

The freshcube osthessen in Bad-Hersfeld

  • Site: 38,000 sqm
  • Warehouse space: 12,000 sqm
  • HGV loading gates: 12
  • Optimal location: A4, A5, A7, FFM and LEJ airport, Bad Hersfeld freight depot
  • Central supply of German metropolitan areas
  • Germany’s latest cut-off times

The multicube berlin near Grünheide

  • Site: 40,000 sqm
  • Total area: 20,000 sqm
  • Hall dimensions: length = 180m; width (front) = 51m: Width (rear) = 29m; Hall height = 12m (UKB)
  • Optimal location: A10, A12, BER airport, Berlin-Treptow freight depot
  • Commercial area with 24/7 use
3 very good reasons for
the multicube concept:

1. Wide and varied knowledge of the industry

Our logistics properties are divided into various hall modules, which enables us to bundle the most diverse product and retail worlds (from consumer goods to the pharmaceutical industry) in one place. You too can benefit from our reliability, from our flexibility and from our professional and motivated staff either.

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2. State-of-the-art warehousing capacities

Various locations, endless options: whether temperature management, WHC areas, part automation or value-added services – in multicube, pfenning logistics offers multi-functional warehousing and logistics areas for industry and retail at the heart of Europe in the metropolitan region of Rhein-Neckar and in the Rheinhessen area.

3. Award-winning sustainability

With the multicube rhein-neckar, pfenning logistics developed a sustainable, innovative and multi-award-winning multi-user concept in 2012. Since then, both multicubes are among the top 10 industrial buildings in Europe that have been awarded the DGNB platinum. The multicube rhein-neckar is the unbeaten No. 1 with the top rating of 88.7%, the multicube rheinhessen is No. 9. This sustainability strategy will become the standard for all future multicube properties.