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In 2012, we built our first own logistics centre: the multicube rhein-neckar in Heddesheim. This was followed just six years later by the multicube rheinhessen in Monsheim near Worms. Our modern logistics centres are characterized by sustainable and award-winning construction. With our logistics properties, we are part of the neighbourhood and, as a regional employer, ensure that our multicubes blend harmoniously into their surroundings – from the construction phase to day-to-day operations. Many trades have to be taken into account in the process: right from the start of construction, we ensure speedy and efficient implementation that also takes into account the concerns of our neighbours.

We are currently building other logistics centres of this type throughout Germany: in Bad Hersfeld, Mecklar and Berlin as well as in Alsace, France.

Do you have any questions about our construction projects or about us as an employer and new neighbour? Whether sustainability, safety, infrastructure, jobs or much more. Simply get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Real Estate Projects

multicube rhein-neckar

In operation

Further information on the multicube rhein-neckar!

multicube rheinhessen

In operation

Further information on the multicube rheinhessen!

multicube osthessen

In operation (construction phase II under construction)

Further information on the multicube osthessen!

freshcube osthessen

Construction started - completion by approx. Q4/2023

Further information on the freshcube osthessen!

multicube alsace

Completion by 2025

Further information on the multicube alsace!

multicube berlin

Construction started - completion by approx. Q2/2024

Further information on the multicube berlin!

Webcams of our current construction projects

multicube osthessen (construction phase II)

🔴 LIVE: The pictures are updated approximately every 15 minutes.

FAQ's - frequently asked questions
  • What does the process of a construction project usually look like?

    Every pfenning logistics construction project is based on a building permit issued by a competent building supervisory authority. This confirms that the building project does not conflict with any public regulations and that it can be carried out as applied for and described by an architect or engineer in the construction documents.

    This is followed by detailed planning of the new building and the individual trades. The first construction step is civil engineering – the planning and execution of the construction-related infrastructure for the later building. This involves the construction of and connections to traffic routes, earthworks, hydraulic engineering and foundation engineering, as well as the laying of supply and disposal networks, such as a sewer system.

    After these preparations for the actual construction, the ground-breaking ceremony takes place – as a kind of “starting signal”. This is a symbolic act that is often embedded in a ceremony that is usually attended by mayors, district councils, ministers or prominent personalities in addition to top representatives of the developer.

    From now on, the building construction begins – i.e. the planning and, above all, the execution of all above-ground building structures, such as halls or office wings. This is the phase of the construction project in which the progress of the building can be seen particularly clearly. Large construction sites often change their appearance on a weekly basis during this phase. During building construction, the laying of the foundation stone also takes place – a ceremony already anchored in the Bible, in which a symbolic foundation stone marks the spot where the new building will subsequently be erected.

    Once the shell of the building has been completed and the roof erected, the topping-out ceremony is celebrated at the construction site. It is the owner’s way of thanking the craftsmen involved and takes place during working hours together with them and other helpers, but also with neighbours or representatives of the developer. Incidentally, in our logistics centres, the technical trades under the roof are often laid first (e.g. sprinkler lines, electrics, drainage) before the concrete for the hall floor is poured.

    Once all or at least the main building trades have been completed, the inauguration ceremony to mark the opening or commissioning of the new building formally concludes the construction project.

  • How can I track the progress of current construction sites?

    We have installed webcams at all current construction sites, which allow you to follow all construction progress live via our homepage. In addition, we always publish all new topics concerning our current and planned construction projects in the “News” section of

  • Are there parking spaces for trucks at all logistics centres?

    All pfenning logistics group logistics centres are equipped with parking spaces and buffer zones for trucks as standard. Well-equipped sanitary and social rooms are also available for external drivers.

  • What products are stored in the halls?

    Retail, automotive, food or consumer goods: pfenning logistics’ multicube logistics centres often combine different industries under one roof – and thus bundle different product and retail worlds at one location. The range of articles is broad – car parts, chemicals, medical products and medicines, consumer electronics and household appliances, baby carriages, foodstuffs and much more can be accommodated in our multicubes.

    The different hall modules are designed and equipped to meet product- and industry-specific requirements for the storage and handling of articles, goods, and substances. Our multicubes in Heddesheim and Monsheim near Worms also meet the legal requirements for storing products from the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

    With the multicube logistics centres – all of which we plan, organize, and operate ourselves – it is possible for us to develop and implement individual contract logistics solutions for every branch of industry.

  • What professions does the company offer?

    At pfenning logistics, we offer extremely diverse career fields and rely primarily on our own junior staff when filling positions – true to our motto “From childhood to the top”. That’s why we offer training and study opportunities in a wide variety of industrial, technical, commercial, and service professions and areas:

    • for operational logistics professions, for example, in truck and forklift fleets, warehousing, order picking, facility management, or security and plant safety;
    • for administrative logistics jobs, for example in warehouse management, logistics control or scheduling
    • for service and cross-sectional functions in the company such as human resources, payroll and financial accounting as well as controlling, IT, purchasing, real estate development and management, sales, or marketing.

    In the process, our trainees and students go through all processes and departments in the company, get to know the pfenning family and its values, and shape their future careers at an early stage. All of this is also in our corporate interest – which is why we are happy to invest passion and expertise in our trainees and students to work with them to create the best possible foundations for their future careers.

  • Where can you apply?

    Interested parties simply apply online via our careers page:

    We will then contact you personally – because you are important to us!

  • Do you occasionally hold an open house?

    Basically, we see ourselves as a responsible part of the regional, national, social, economic and political public – and therefore like to invite people to our traditional and popular Visitors’ Days at regular intervals.

    Due to the Corona situation, the event unfortunately had to be cancelled in 2020 and 2021 – and we are hoping for a positive outlook for 2022 that will allow us to hold a Visitors’ Day at pfenning logistics.

  • To what extent does pfenning logistics stand for sustainable logistics?

    Sustainable, green logistics is a corporate goal – at pfenning logistics, there are a variety of starting points for this, whether in the planning and construction of logistics properties and the associated administrative buildings, the composition of the vehicle fleet, or the organization and handling of warehouse and transport processes.

    The two multicube logistics centres in Heddesheim and Monsheim were certified by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) with the top rating “Platinum”. In their ranking of the most sustainable industrial buildings in Europe, the logistics properties occupy positions 1 and 9 – also because they generate a total of more than 13 megawatts of electricity for almost 7,000 households on their hall roofs with solar power plants and also save almost 8,400 tons of CO2.

    The administration building in Heddesheim also has a thermal concrete core activation system that enables resource-saving heating and cooling without air conditioning – and thus operates on a climate-neutral basis. The electricity generated by the 90-kW photovoltaic system on the roof of the building is used directly in the property as well as for a total of 12 wall boxes for charging electric and hybrid cars in the vehicle pool. If there is any electricity left over, it is buffered in the energy storage system and called up in months when the sun is not shining.

    pfenning logistics’ vehicle fleet of around 800 trucks consists almost exclusively of low-emission diesel and liquid gas vehicles. And pfenning logistics is also emission-free on the road – for some time now with the prototype of an electric truck and soon also with a hydrogen-powered vehicle as part of a pilot project. The company’s fleet of e-vehicles is further optimized in terms of emissions with each new acquisition. E-scooters for factory traffic and the e-forklift fleet ensure emission-free mobility throughout the logistics area.

  • How is pfenning logistics involved in social and sports sponsoring?

    The well-being of society and the success of companies like pfenning logistics are closely intertwined. After all, entrepreneurial activities have a wide range of effects on society – beyond customers, partners, employees and the actual business activity. That is why we are committed to being a non-profit organization.

    pfenning logistics group regularly supports charitable campaigns and organizations with donations. This includes the “Anpfiff ins Leben e. V.” association, which helps children, young people and people with amputations to develop their sporting and personality skills – so that they can successfully master the challenges of the key areas of life – school, work, sport and society – as strong and self-confident characters.

    Sports sponsorship also offers a wide range of opportunities for companies to assume responsibility toward society and give something back. Supporting both popular and competitive sports has therefore become an integral part of pfenning logistics’ corporate identity.

    With our commitment to charitable initiatives as well as professional and popular sports, we want to give something back to society – and we also have an open ear for the needs of communities in which we locate or already operate a site.

  • What personal, corporate and social values does pfenning logistics stand for?

    pfenning logistics group, with its approximately 3,700 employees, is one of the leading contract logistics service providers for medium-sized German companies. We are a family-owned company – currently managed by the third and fourth generation of owners in the Pfenning family.

    As owners, we do not have to pursue the interests of external shareholders, pay attention to company valuations and stock market listings, or respond to short-term demands from investors. Instead, we can develop the company strategically and manage it in a way that is “fit for purpose”, because securing the company, its jobs and locations for the next generation and the one after that is one of our key drivers. The long-term future of the company determines our actions – not the quick euro or short-term profit.

    As a company, pfenning logistics group considers entrepreneurial action, social responsibility and compliance with ethical principles to be inextricably linked. We have codified this in our Code of Conduct. We

    • respect human rights and different values,
    • treat all people equally and recognize and take into account regional laws, cultures and customs,
    • give no chance to discrimination for any “reason” and in any form, and
    • commit ourselves to correct and loyal behaviour.

    Our thoughts and actions are thus in line with international conventions and guidelines such as

    • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
    • the conventions of the International Labour Organization
    • the Global Compact of the United Nations,
    • international agreements on the protection of human rights.

    In addition, we are committed to complying with labour, social, health and safety standards and to protecting our environment through sustainability-oriented action.

You have further questions about our real estate projects? Are you looking for specific information? Our colleagues will be happy to assist you.

  • Torsten Radszuweit is at your disposal for all topics concerning real estate.

  • Katharina Kumpf is at your disposal regarding personnel topics.

  • Yeliz Kavak-Küstner is at your disposal for all aspects of public relations.